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Mentoring Experience

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SRS will use its resources to promote mentorship moments to help job seekers to learn more about industries and people that work in areas of interest.

Mentor Aspiring Professionals

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It’s amazing the impact a one hour session with a mentor can have to an aspiring young professional.

At SRS we invite you to participate in our “Coffee Time” mentoring opportunity to spend one hour with an aspiring professional who is curious to learn more about your industry and or profession.

This mentoring program helps minority communities inspire and educate young professionals as they prepare to join the workforce in the Bay Area.

Mentoring Invitation

Helping Aspiring Professionals

As a young minority professional it’s not always easy to get first hand insights and perspectives from insiders. The Coffee Time mentoring program is intended to help young professionals learn more about an industry and also learn more about professions they are interested in.

As part of SRS diversity programs we want to invite you and your employees to take part in this mentoring opportunity. There is no commitment or obligation, it’s simply a one hour conversation to educate and inspire young professionals. The information these young professionals gain during the short one hour mentoring session will help to inspire, position, prepare and direct their interests.

We appreciate our relationship with you as an SRS client and hope you are able to encourage your executives to take part in this great opportunity

The Lasting Impact of Mentoring

Some Testimonials from The Honor Foundation...

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Guy Smith

U.S. Navy SWCC Group 15. San Diego I went through a rough transition, but THF provided me with the tools, mentorship, and guidance to succeed beyond my wildest dream. Hands down one of the best decision I could have made for the future of my family and for muself.

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Raynaldo Baviera

U.S. Navy SEAL Group 6. San DiegoThe skills and knowledge I gained from THF has been priceless! Most of all, THF helped me identify my blinds spots, whereby working on my weaknesses, but focusing on my strengths. Through a process of introspection, THF Coaches and Mentors have facilitated in helping me to identify what I am passionate about, which is entrepreneurship and helping disadvantaged youth, long before my transition from the Navy.

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Jim Gardner

U.S. Navy SEAL Group 9. San DiegoThe Honor Foundation gave me the tools, mentorship, and resources to help make my transition successful.


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